Terms and conditions

The tenant agrees to the following terms. Please read carefully.

  1. The tenancy herein created shall be on a month to month basis or a week basis determined by the selection above. Both tenant and manager may terminate the tenancy at any time on a 15-day notice. Minimum rental period is 30 days for monthly and 7 days for weekly.

  2. The rent specified above shall be paid monthly for monthly agreements and weekly for weekly agreements. The rent shall be paid in advance to the manager at the address above. Receipts for payments will be provided upon payment. Statements will only be sent upon request.

  3. Units are rented for storage purposes only. No utilities are furnished. Units are not to be heated or cooled.

  4. No signs may be posted. Nothing may be nailed or fastened to the walls or structure of the unit.

  5. No material shall be stored which could be a hazard to the building or to other tenants or which are considered illegal under state or federal law.

  6. Manager shall not be liable for personal injury to tenant or for any damage to the property of the tenant irrespective of how such injury or damage may have occurred.

  7. Manager reserves the right to enter the unit in the event of an emergency or for the purpose of inspection to verify compliance with the terms of this agreement.

  8. Manager does not provide insurance coverage for the Tenant’s property. Risk of loss or damage of property and insurance coverage lie with the tenant.
    Note: Many homeowners insurance policies don’t cover storage units. The tenant is responsible for their own insurance.

  9. The Manager and the Tenant hereby release each other from any cause of action for risk which may be covered by fire or extended overage policies of either. The purpose of this provision is to eliminate the subrogation rights of respective insurance carriers of the Tenant and the Manager.

  10. The Tenant agrees to place an active credit card or debit card on file and pay the first month with that card.

  11. The Tenant agrees to allow a copy of a photo ID on file.

  12. If payment has not been received by the 10th of the month for monthly rental agreements or by the beginning of the next week for weekly rental agreements. The Manager reserves the right to charge the credit/debit card in file. If payment cannot be obtained through this method a late payment penalty of $5.00 will be assessed on the (11th) day of the month as well as any bank fees that may have been incurred though the attempted charge. Thereafter an additional $1.00 per day penalty shall accrue until rent and penalties are paid in full. Failure to pay rent for sixty (60) days when due shall terminate the tenancy herein. Manager shall be entitled to immediate possession and may exercise any remedies available to him by law. Tenant specifically grants Manager a lien on the stored personal property for the payment of any rent due.

  13. In the event legal action is necessary for Manager to enforce payment of rent or for resumption of possession under the terms of this rental agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorney fees.

  14. This agreement may not be assigned by the Tenant to a third party.

  15. Tenant shall be issued one key per unit and the key may not be duplicated. A non-refundable key deposit of $10 is required. Agreement shall be terminated when key is returned to manager.

  16. No person who is not on this agreement may be given access to the storage unit unless the Tenant is present.

  17. The manager reserves the right to charge the credit/debit card on file for any repairs for damages to storage unit or property.

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